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Make You Mine :iconpathetique524:Pathetique524 0 0
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Gaze (Line Art Version)
Gazing into the far future.......



The dress ruffles portion looks so 雑 LOL   <--- scratchy(?)
Glad it turned out okay when I coloured it haha.

I really tried hard on the hair this time (since it is the main focus). It took me such a LONG TIME.
Is drawing line art supposed to take this long?? I still prefer traditional over digital in this aspect. 
HOWEVER. Digital is so much more convenient. I love the color changing part the best~ Who cares if you put in the wrong look. -PRESSES BUTTON- Okay. Fixed. OMG MOAR POEMS! 
As if turning your head would make your hair flow gorgeously like that.  <-- I want gorgeous looking hair too...(´;ω;`) 
To be honest, she looks like she's wearing something similar to a nightgown hahaha. 


Gaze (Dark Version):
Gaze (Light Version)

Used "MEDIBANG PAINT" ANDROID APP found on Playstore: [LINK]… 
Gaze (Light version)
Determinedly gazing into the far future.......


As if turning your head would make your hair flow gorgeously like that.  <-- I want gorgeous looking hair too...(´;ω;`) 
I kinda like how the ruffles of her dress turned out, though the colouring could be better overall.
To be honest, she looks like she's wearing something similar to a nightgown hahaha. 
Decided on "PERIWINKLE" as the colour of her dress. I love periwinkle Plain periwinkle 16x16 block :D It's such a beautiful blend between blue and purple (excuse the lack of terms)

I'm really having fun with the idea of putting multiple colours in the hair. It looks so cool. Angels of Yin and Yang 
When choosing the colours,  I was very doubtful of how the combination would turn out...
BUT I was so SURPRISED with the results! Haruka Nanase (Surprised) [V1] 
Definitely going to experiment with this concept in the future~

The focus of this piece is on the hair. I was playing around with the colour choice, how to colour it, and adding highlights. 


Wow. I actually put a little more effort with the background this time(棒)LMAO. 


Gaze (Dark Version):
Gaze (Line Art Version)

Used "MEDIBANG PAINT" ANDROID APP found on Playstore: [LINK]… 
MOO!? (Request)
A cow head.
Request from micole00 :D
a cow can dance better than u 


Thought it would be too boring if I drew a normal cow head SD style. So I added expression to it. 
I wonder what this COW-chan saw to be this shocked.
Someone must have stolen it's food.

I would be super IN RAGE if that happened to me.
Flippin' Tables Aomine (Angry, rage) Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] 
Food is important okay. *sniffs* 


This design looks like it's some brand sticker on some drink LMAO
Kiss Me (Yatori)
Yatori (Yato x Hiyori)

Yato and Hiyori (I'll be with you) [V2] Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy Alt) [V1] 
Love the relationship they have each other :D   Like how Hiyori is pretty much the only human who has gotten so close with Yato. And how Yato starts stalking Hiyori EXTENSIVELY when he gets jealous.    
Come on, Yato got super stressed over Hiyori's partner during the match-making scene   <----2828(*´艸`*)

TOO CUTE. Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 


I find Yato's jersey very hard to draw LMAO     <--surprise huh, despite the simple design.
Not to mention his fuwafuwa scarf. To be honest, it might as well be a rag LMAOO. I think in one of Noragami's Drama CDs, Yukine mentioned that Yato wiped off a spill with his so called SCARF.
 Awkward Hug 2 

The jersey has white stripes running down the arms. Now, when these stripes meet clothing wrinkle....that's when the nightmare begins. 
Generally speaking, I'm terrible at wrinkles, ruffles, waves and stuff that are similar. 
Oh well. Practice Makes Perfect(?)


'Iki Hiyori' & 'Yato (Yaboku)' from 'Noragami' by Adachitoka


More Yatori~
Yatori - Yato X
::MASK:: (Thank You Gift) @zukleton
A big shoutout and THANK YOU to zukleton!

As a big thank you, I tried drawing the character "Rabbit"   :happybounce: 

Zukleton was really nice to leave the theme-picking up to me ^^     <---- I literally laughed when one of the suggested scene was "to fight with a crocodile" X'D
Since Rabbit enjoys challenging others to cards, I decided to draw him in a "card game" scene. 
(I'm sorry if I interpreted any of the designs wrong! Orz)
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

Personally, I don't really play cards, so I somewhat had a hard time figuring out a pose LMAO. I purposely left the cards blank because I wanted to draw attention towards them.  (Totally not because I couldn't draw patterns Psssh. :innocentwhistle:

Also, I wanted to create a title (for this piece) that was related to card games...but after looking through a website for poker, I quit. I didn't understand anything that was written on it wwwww         <---- what an idiot. (ノ´∀`;)

Go check out zukleton's works! They are beautiful! Clap 


zukleton's "Kazuma Family Portrait" (I used as reference):

Mafia Boss 27 (KHR)

Tsuna @10 years later.

-Black suit
-Hyper Dying Will Mode what I fantasize him to be like. 

I wished they showed future Tsuna, even if it's just a second... ( ;∀;) 
I'm craving to know even long after I finished the manga/anime.
Cry Cry 
(Note: 2=TSU (Two_english) ; 7=NA (Seven_japanese)


Attempting to draw "putting on coat" pose. 
Had to rely on using reference in the end ^^;


'Sawada Tsunayoshi' ('Tsuna') from 'Katekyo Hitman REBORN' by Amano Akira
Somewhat inspired by the Vocaloid song ネコミミアーカイブ "Nekomimi Archive"  
(Nico Nico Chorus:…)
Cat ears & Cat tail <3
Mia licky icon 
Practicing different poses.
It looks like she's floating in midair, like what Alice did when dropped into Wonderland.
I'm not very good at clothing design, but I ended up really liking the combinations used for the picture.  

I totally did not purposely shade off the lower portion of her legs just because I was too lazy to draw feet. 
I couldn't think of a shoe design for her image. 
Also, have I mentioned that I suck at drawing feet? 


 Hatsune Miku - Nekomimi Archive - Official LINK…
It must be really nice staying a tropical place while gazing at the night sky.   
palm tree icon TTOCI 1 GIF Sky Night 
I really like the calming feeling this picture gives off. I can even imagine the sound of waves and fire cracking (in my head)


Drawn with only coloured pencils and markers (Crayola)
Original design not owned by me. 

Since this was taking slanted, it was impossible to crop out the white parts without destroying the drawing itself. (´;ω;`)
KnB feat. Teiko Festival
Inspired and based off of:

『黒子のバスケ DRAMA THEATER 2nd GAMES それがボクたちのバスケです』
"Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 2nd Games - Drama CD"

The story is set when the members of the Kiseki no Sedai are still in Teiko Middle School.
They (more or less willingly) participate in the Teiko School Festival (帝光祭)
This made me LAUGH SO HARD. I can just hear it over and over again wwww 
 Kuroo Laughing Icon  laugh
I enjoyed it so much that I even drew a 'together shot' of the characters together.

A good excuse to practice height ratios & poses.
Sketchy Fanart.


'Kuroko Tetsuya'  
'Kise Ryouta' 
'Midorima Shintarou' 
'Aomine Daiki'  
'Murasakibara Atsushi'  
'Akashi Seijuurou'  
'Momoi Satsuki'

All characters are from 'Kuroko no Basuke' by Fujimaki Tadatoshi


For Those Who Are Interested: 

TEIKO FESTIVAL -sneak peek- (video does not belong to me): 
Kuroko no Basket Drama Theater - 2nd Games: Part 1 (ENG SUBS)…

⇑(If you want me to remove the video link for copyright issues, please contact me!)
Your Gaze
When couples press their foreheads together and gaze into each other's eyes.     <---- into the depth of their SOUL. Evil Eyes 
Question: Won't your eyes cross when looking at something so close??
-shrugs- I'm not the type to hold eye contact for a long time. Kenma1 

Trying to practice "hands-being-tangled-together" pose. 
Then I got distracted by the female's clothes LOL. <--- I can't focus on one thing at a time.

Also tried adding some nail polish to the girl's didn't look good. 
Too late. If I erased it, it would just smudge all over the place. #Regret
This is more of a update activity more than a journal...

I'll be flooding the area with my works that may or may not be from years ago.

So to wrap it up, it's not like I drew 20+ pieces in just a days. LOL. Just to let you know these are things that are mostly sketches and taken from a phone camera of less than average lighting (at least even more...sad...than what I use now). Also to note that that there may be changes in artstyle and whatnot, so please bear with me.

I'm really sorry if there is a bunch of notifications coming from me or that my stuff starts hogging your viewpage(?). 

m(_ _)m

NOTE: There will be duplicates from BAKANEKOI 馬◎鹿◎猫◎鯉 (笑)<---

Thank you for your co-operation.



Pathetique524's Profile Picture
Vine by SerenityStudio Vine with Flowers by SerenityStudio Vine by SerenityStudio

Welcome to the world of Pathetique524! (Currently located somewhere in Antarctica apparently)

This is the realm where you'll find things ranging from attempt sketches to (somewhat) art. Maybe you'll discover other unidentified things. How Exciting~

Adventurers will find themselves in the whims of the creator as they are subjugated to arbitrary things, sometimes, meaningless actions. <-- Hence the username

Basically anything random. Whatever I feel like (excuse language) vomiting out at the time.

Vine with Flowers by SerenityStudio Vine by SerenityStudio Vine with Flowers by SerenityStudio

Requests - Open by Kittykarus Trades - Friends Only by Kittykarus  Commissions - Ask Me by Kittykarus  Gifts - Friends Only by Kittykarus << Note me stamp by Joyfool>>


*This is essentially somewhat a sub-account of BAKANEKOI 馬◎鹿◎猫◎鯉 (笑)
--> I don't really want to flood the main account with so many things (;´∀`) You'll find
some duplicates from main account.
*Beware use of multiple languages from time to time
*May contain art that you may not consider art (even to the creator)
*Will contain a large amount of kaomoji (FYI: Kaomoji means 'face text' 顔文字)
*Art may not be "fresh out the oven". Meaning some pieces are from ERAS ago.
*There may be mature content that I might forget to censor (It's not exactly 18+, but just to be on the safe side...)
*May treat this place as blog and make personalized comments

Pixel Koi Bubble Banner Divider by LittleParade  Stamp3 by Marley-Is-Thirsty Calico Kitty by iEpique

Creator is known as: BAKANEKOI or PATHETIQUE524 or SAYA whichever is better for you.

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PS: Username comes from the how illiterate the creator is and reads 'pathetique' as 'pathetic' even until now. The numbers '524' essentially mean "no meaning". From 1-5, it's missing 1&3. Which in Japanese can be read as 'imi nai' (1、3無い) and I thought this was really interesting ever since I foun--ry((╭( ・ㅂ・)و Okay no one cares anymore. shush
(For more information check out Matryoshka from Vocaloid.)


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